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Upcoming Events and Elections!

September 28th, 2011 by ehamps

Welcome to the new school year! Portland State University’s Planning Club has been busy getting together a fine selection of events, the occasional meeting and elections for 2011-2012. Planning Club is committed to bringing information and events related to planning in all its forms to the PSU community and we welcome your involvement in our activities throughout the year.

If you have any questions about anything regarding Planning Club please contact us at planning@pdx.edu

Planning Club Social Hour and 2011-2012 Officer Elections 

Current Planning Club Charis will be at Pizzacato in the Urban Center at 11:00 on Friday, September 30th for an informal meet and greet for those interested in learning what we do for the PSU community, and of course how to get involved. We will be holding elections for Planning Club Officer positions as well as MURP Student Reps next week! A list of all Chair responsibilities is listed below.

Party in the Park ~ Volunteer at the PC Booth!

Planning CLub is staging an informational booth at the PSU Party in the Park on Thursday, September 20th from 11:00-2:30. We would loe to have a few additional volunteers to staff the table and speak to interested students about the club. If you are interested please contact PC Chair Andrew Parish at aparish@pdx.edu.

Upcoming Brownbag

Policy in Motion FOunder Lauren Michele will be speaking with us about her new book, “Policy in Motion” Transportation Planning in California after AB 32.” on November 14th at 12:30. Location TBD. Visit http://policymotion.com for more information

Listed Below are all of our current Chair positions which are up for re-election this year.


Planning Club is holding its annual fall elections. Planning Club officers are elected annually to overlapping two-year

posts, with the newly elected officer for each position assuming most day-to-day duties after an appropriate training

period. PSU students of any program, undergraduate, graduate, full- or part-time status are eligible.

Please email planning@pdx.edu by noon on October 5th if you are interested in one of the positions. If only

one individual responds for a position, they will automatically receive the position.

Feel free to contact the current representatives if you have any questions about the positions.

The elections will be held online via OrgSync.



Current Chair: Andrew Parish aparish@pdx.edu  

• schedules meetings and booths at Party in the Park and Party Near the Park

• submits quarterly reports to Student Activities Leadership Program (SALP)

• works and ensures the smooth flow of all Planning Club functions



Current Treasurer: Chloe Ritter - critter@pdx.edu  

• manages annual Student Fee Committee budget request, which involves developing budget, submitting online, and

attending budget review meeting

• assists planning service events

• handles miscellaneous SALP requirements

• manages conference registration funding requests from PC members, which involves receiving applications from

PC members and submitting online information to SALP

• chairs meetings in absence of the Chair


Social and Service Committee Chair  

Current Social and Service Committee Chair: Scotty Ellis - scotty.a.ellis@gmail.com  

• plans, advertises and facilitates Planning Club social events (once a month)

• assists with or coordinates planning service events


Outreach/Communications Chair 

Current Communications Chair: Elizabeth Hampshire elizabeth.hampshire@gmail.com  

• coordinates communications regarding monthly meetings, events and various other items;

• takes detailed notes at monthly meetings

• manages membership encouragement and retention

• works closely with the Student Services Coordinator, as well as with various SALP staff, for


Brownbag Chairs 

Current Chairs: Alison Wicks alisonwicks@gmail.com and Molly Biehl mollyhbiehl@pdx.edu  

• helps identify brown bag topics and speakers

• plans and facilitates brown bag events

• coordinates the creation and distribution of brownbag fliers and promotional material




The below positions are not directly a part of Planning Club but typically use Planning Club as a forum and

gathering/dissemination point. These positions are open to MURP students only.

The following positions are for MURP students to provide input regarding the program.

Appointments or elections to these positions will also take place online. Email planning@pdx.edu if you are



MURP Executive Committee Student Representatives – two 2nd year MURP students 

Current Representatives: Andrew Parish aparish@pdx.edu and Colin Rowan crowan@pdx.edu  

This position will be open to election in Spring 2011 

• attends the monthly MURP Executive Committee meeting

• communicates MURP desires to the committee

• reports back to the Planning Club all relevant information from the committee for distribution to the MURP students.


 Faculty Committee Student Representative  

Current Representative: Michael Weidmann - weidmann@pdx.edu  

• attends the monthly faculty meeting

• communicates relevant information back to the MURP student cohorts (This is shared with a 2nd year MURP so you

only need to attend meetings every other month)


Alumni Board Student Representative  

Current Representative: Tara Sulzen tara.sulzen@gmail.com  

• attends monthly Alumni Board meeting and assist the Board with various fundraising and professional-development


• communicates relevant information back to the MURP student cohorts


National American Planning Association Student Representative  

Current Representative: Mark Person mark.person@pdx.edu  

• Coordinates PSU student involvement with the National APA


Oregon Chapter of the American Planning Association Student Representative  

Current Representative: Jake Nitchals nitchals@pdx.edu  

• Coordinates PSU student involvement with the Oregon Chapter of the APA

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Planning Club Monthly Meeting ~ February 1st, 2011

January 28th, 2011 by ehamps

Planning Club Fans and Friends,

Our monthly meeting will be held next week

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 4:30 pm in the Urban Building Room 311

Agenda items will include:

1. Upcoming February Brown Bag Events and Ideas

2. Discussion of possible upcoming service events

3. Election (or inauguration) of our new Brown Bag Co-Chair

If you have taken an interest in the position for the brown bag chair, please contact Planning Club (planning@pdx.edu) or Alison Wicks (alisonwicks@gmail.com).

DISCLAIMER: Planning Club is in no way affiliated with the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program and we strongly encourage Undergraduates and Graduate students in all programs to become active participants in PC.


Planning Club



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Call for Brown bag Chair!

January 24th, 2011 by ehamps

Planning Club Fans and Friends,

We are currently on the hunt for a second Planning Club Brown Bag Co-Chair. The Planning club likes to organize 2-3 Brown Bag events per quarter and the position requires about a 1 hour a week time commitment.

Responsibilities of this shared position are:

• helps to identify brown bag topics and speakers

• plans and facilitates brown bag events

• coordinates the creation and distribution of brown bag fliers and promotional material

PSU students of any program, undergraduate, graduate, full- or part-time status are eligible. If you are interested in this open position please email planning@pdx.edu . If only one individual responds for this position, they will automatically receive the position. If multiple individuals respond for a position, an election will occur at the next meeting on February 1st, 2011 at 4:30pm.

Our current Brown Bag Chair is Alison Wicks alisonwicks@gmail.com, please email her with any specific questions.

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January 18th, 2011 by ehamps

Planning Club Members,

Reminder: if you want Planning Club to register you for the American Planning Association Conference at the early-registration price, turn in your application and registration information by this Wednesday, January 19. Information about the conference can be found at: http://www.planning.org/conference/index.htm

The Planning Club’s Conference Fee Stipend Application can be downloaded from the “files” section of our OrgSync website (https://orgsync.com/13006/files). Please make sure you read the instructions so you don’t forget any materials. A note about the APA registration form (http://www.planning.org/conference/registration/pdf/regform.pdf): disregard the paper application processing fee, as the registration will be completed online. Also, SALP needs to provide your APA ID and password so that Planning Club can register you as a student member (you can always change your passwordl once your registration is complete).

Applications must be submitted to PC Treasurer Chloe Ritter (critter909@hotmail.com) no later than 5pm on Wednesday, January 19. Please email Chloe if you have any questions about the application process.


The Planning Club



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Planning Club Update ~ January 2011

January 18th, 2011 by ehamps

Planning Club Fans and Friends,

Hope everyone had a fantastic break from classes and are effectively managing the new workload! Planning Club monthly meetings will be held on the first tuesday of every month at 4:30 in the Urban Center Building. (Specific location will be announced closer to the monthly meeting times.

Some updates about PC ~ The party near the park was largely successful and we greatly appreciate the new members that have chosen to join the club. We are hoping to diversify our membership to include students outside of the MURP program, so please encourage all friends and fellow students to join PC activities.


Your Planning Club Executives

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Planning Club Social - Friday, Jan 14

January 4th, 2011 by ehamps

Hello fellow planning aficionados!
Welcome back to another quarter at PSU. To make sure that we start it off right, the planning club will be hosting a happy hour on Friday, January 14th from 4-6 PM at Spirit of 77. Never heard of Spirit of 77, you say? Well, it is only just the amazing new Blazers bar that opened 11 weeks ago. It has a great selection of food, beer, and games. And when I say games, I mean free pop-a-shot! Also, food and drinks will be discounted because 4-6 PM is their happy hour.
So before this quarter starts to bog you down, come join your fellow classmates, club members, and friends for some fun and games on Friday, January 14th. As an incentive, I will personally buy you a drink of your choice if you are able to score 90 pts in pop-a-shot.
Again, here is the info:

*Where: Spirit of 77, 500 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd (it is walking distance to the MAX)
*When: Friday, January 14th, 4-6 PM

Hope to see you there!
Your social chairs,
Scotty and Reza

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Planning Club: Service Event at Community Cycling Center - December 12

November 15th, 2010 by ehamps

Our indefatigable Planning club Social and Service Co-Chair Scott Ellis is planning our next service event and we would very much enjoy your help. Scott will be signing up all the Planning Club participants as a group so please email him no later that November 21st if you are interested - scotty.a.ellis@gmail.com

On December 12th is the Holiday Bike Drive at the Community Cycling Center (1700 NE Alberta St). This is an event where the Community Cycling Center provides 400 children with their first bicycle. They need volunteers for the following two positions:

Escort: Help guide each child through the process of registration, receiving a helmet, picking a bike and making sure it fits. Then, watch as them try out their new ride in the Bike Rodeo. Escort volunteers also help set up and break down the event. From 12:30 - 6:00 PM

Mechanics: We are looking for skilled mechanics who have helped us build up these bikes. You will help adjust each bike to the size and comfort of the child and apply or remove training wheels. We will provide stands, tools and all necessary supplies. From 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.

Here is the link to the event:  http://www.communitycyclingcenter.org/index.php/volunteers/volunteer-at-the-holiday-bike-drive/

I know we have some bike enthusiasts in our PC cohort and this would be a great opportunity to reach out to local children in the community during the holiday season. The good thing about this event is that it is after finals week and hopefully before people go home for the holidays.

If you have any specific questions about the service event please email Scott. For more information about the Planning Club, check out our website, listed below. Thank you kindly.

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TRB Conference Fee Deadline Nov. 17

November 12th, 2010 by ehamps

Reminder, Planning Club members: the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) 90th Annual Conference isn’t until January 23, but the early registration deadline is coming up soon - November 30th! Information about the conference can be found here: http://www.trb.org/AnnualMeeting2011/Public/AnnualMeeting2011.aspx. If you want to take advantage of the less expensive early registration fees, and if you want Planning Club to help pay for it, you need to submit your information to the Planning Club co-Treasurer, Chloe Ritter (critter909@hotmail.com) no later than 3pm on Wednesday, November 17.

Here is the process:

1. Make sure you are signed up as a member of the PSU Planning Club on OrgSync - instructions found here: http://planning.groups.pdx.edu/?page_id=228

2. Submit the completed registration form as a PDF (the form can be found here: http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/am/2011/TRBAM11RegistrationForm.pdf)

3. Submit the following information in document or email form to critter909@hotmail.com

Student ID#:

A 200-word statement on how this conference is relevant to your planning interests:

4. Submit a check for the amount of the registration fee over $100 (For students who are members of TRB, the amount is less than $100; for students who are not members, the amount is $130, so you will submit a check for $30.) Make sure the check is payable to “Portland State University”. You can make arrangements to meet the treasurer (Chloe Ritter) on campus sometime in the next week, or you can leave it in my MURP mailbox in the Urban Studies office (350 Urban Building).

5. Transportation to and lodging at the conference is entirely up to you. The TRB application includes an option for reserving a hotel room through them (there are logistical advantages to staying in one of the hotels where the conference is being held) but you aren’t required to reserve a hotel room with them. You ARE required to submit the details of your travel and lodging plans to SALP in case of emergencies, but you may submit those later if you haven’t made arrangements yet. You must submit travel information to critter909@hotmail.com no later than January 7, 2011 (first week of Winter classes). Travel information you need to submit includes:

Flight Dates and Times

Airline and Flight Numbers

Hotel Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website (if available) - or equivalent information if you are staying somewhere else

 6. After your conference has been completed please be prepared to speak briefly about the value of the event and its relevant to planning at one of the upcoming monthly Planning Club meetings.

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General Meeting - Monday, Nov 8 - 4PM - Urban Center Gallery/Cage

November 7th, 2010 by ehamps

A quick reminder for you that the The Planning Club is holding its November General Meeting on Monday, Nov 8 - 4:00PM - PSU Urban Center 2nd Floor Gallery (The Cage).

Agenda items include the following:
1. Official elections for our incoming officers (who have already assumed many duties)
2. Brief presentations about past conferences by Planning Club members who utilized the conference fee stipend.
3. A discussion of this years conference fee stipend policy. If you have any interest in attending an event this year with financial assistance from The Planning Club, please be sure to attend the meeting and weigh in
4. The role of OrgSync, our new(ish) online club management software
5. Past, present, and future social and service events

Bring yourself, bring a snack, bring your friends and professors. As always, there is lots to discuss and plenty of opportunity to shape how The Club moves forward for this year and beyond.

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Planning Club Meeting November 8th, 2010

November 3rd, 2010 by ehamps

The next monthly planning club meeting will be on Monday November 8th, 2010 at 4 pm.  The meeting will be held on the 2nd Floor of the Urban Center in “the Cage”. Topics of discussion will include: a proper election of the current chair nominees, discussion of conference registration, review of the Planning Club’s mission statement, and upcoming PC events.The Planning Club strongly encourages those who have attended planning conferences as of recent to give a quick 3-5 minute presentation. This will be a fantastic way to gain exposure to conferences that others may not have considered.For those feeling overly ambitious, we would like to publish a brief (300 words or less) recap of the conferences attended and post them to the PC website.  We will engage in further dialogue about this at next week’s meeting. Hope to see you there!

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